Modified Container

Modified Containers
A SHS modified container modular solution comes from the extension of the ISO container system.
BUT SHS gives extra advantages that enable this solution to serve a wider range of industries.
From civilized use, such as housing, hotel, motel, school, classrooms
To military use, such as barracks, billeting, training centers, bullet proof, anti-explosive, ammunition storage etc…
From low rise building such as dormitory, office building, campus buildings
To medium rise buildings such as apartment buildings, high rank hotels etc…
Combining traditional building techniques, quality manufacturing and third-party agencies who offer random inspections, testing, and certification services for quality control, SHS modules are built in strict accordance with appropriate local, state, and national regulations and codes. Due to the need to transport modules to the final site, each module must be built to independently withstand travel and installation requirements. Thus the final module-to-module assembly of independently durable components yields a final product more durable than conventional structures.

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