Building in cold winter in Ontario Canada

Yesterday piece of news send from Ontario Canada. The project of Haicheng`s customer is completed. At present it is winter in Ontario. And a heavy snow visited. But our customer did not stop the building steps. Due to the advantages of flat pack container house. That is prefab, and without water when constructing. The container houses were installed in short time. And the foundation is special. It is consist of wooden cube and it is upon the soil. The integrated wooden cube is big enough and stable enough. It has enough contact surface with the ground. Ensure the stable ability. Disperse the press from the container houses. The wooden foundation is light. Decrease the press to the ground. And the wooden foundation is upon the high ground. Protect from the water rusting flowing into the wooden foundation from surrounding. In the cold weather Labors built a so huge office building in several days saving more times for inner decoration. The images as bellow:

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