Kitchen & Dining Container
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This kitchen and dining container is similar to the KFC or Mcdonald's. kitchen and the bar counter is linked by a large window. The cooked food can be carried to the bar directly. The ready food is keep in the warming box. There are video screen above the bar, showing the food or the service. There is a wide gallery between the bar and the dining area. In order to enlarge the capacity of the container. The dining-table`s layout is compact. But the space is large enough to allow you sit down and turn around. In a word the clean and bright dining space will promote your appetite.
You can setting up these equipment in it:

Panel : width:1145mm, thickness:60mm, insulation:59mm 70KG/M3 glass wool, external clading:0,5 thick galvanized steel sheet ,internal clading:0,5 thick galvanized steel sheet, Wall panel color: external: RAL9002, internal: RAL9002;
Single open door side board 60mm (interlayer glass wool)
Double open door side board 60mm (interlayer glass wool)
Window side board 60mm (interlayer glass wool)
Light side board 60mm (interlayer glass wool)
Door:Single open door, 870*2040mm, alumilium alloy door with aluminium alloy fitting frame, Double open door, 120*2040mm, alumilium alloy door with aluminium alloy fitting frame, Color: RAL9002.
Eletrical: DB box (40A, 16A, 10A), switch: single, "legrand", 16A, British socket: "Legrand", CEE socket: 220v, sunken in frame (CE marked), wiring: CE;
Painting: steel rame: 20-40um primer, 40-50um topcoat;
Light: fluorescent lamp 2*36w.
diagrammatic drawing:
The main application is noshery or porterhouse, supply fast food and dining area. The food can be ready ahead, that will not need the kitchen room, just need bar counter and warming box.
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