teaching stadium built of prefab foldable container

The school is located in Juba South Sudan. It is built of prefab foldable containers. Supplied by Shanghai Haicheng special steel container company. The module container is 20 feet container. That is insulated and can be stacked two floors. The roof, stairs, aisle platform are also supplied by Haicheng. As the project is complicated and last a long period of time. So the customer invited our engineer to supply the guiding. The following images are sent from Africa. The building is consist of two parts. The couple of buildings are paralleled and 6 meters far from each other. They are covered by a huge roof. The saddle-shaped roof is consist of three parts. Protect from the serious sunshine in Africa. The center part is higher than the other two parts on side. Under the center roof is a huge space. That can supply multi-functions. The foundation is built of concrete bricks. and higher than the soil surface comparing with the surrounding. The project is going to be completed. the images show that. Expected our engineer come back earlier. Best wishes to him.

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